For Institutions


Our Approach


Our goal is a perfect match at a competitive price in the least amount of time. 

First, you have choices to fit your budget. If you opt for a Perfect Fit Search™, we first work with your search committee to understand your needs and reach consensus. We then use your benchmarks to assess each candidate to an unusually high level of precision, at a high-value price. But if you choose another option, we craft the job description such that you receive candidates with a high fit probability. 

After these steps, we focus on the candidate’s skills, credentials, work history and their preferences. Through this level of detail comes unmatched precision. Each candidate is scored on fit. Not just the academic fit of the candidate, but your institution's fit for the candidate, too. To do this our scoring includes an assessment of your university or college’s location, your mission, ethos, management, and goals.  

What you end up with is candidates scoring high and candidates that scored you high.  The result is precision placement. Precision that keeps your cost down and compresses the time to hire. Precision that stabilizes your organization as well. 

For the candidate you choose has a high probability of success and is likely to remain.