About Our Methods


High Value, Low Price

Designed for efficiency & flexibility, both our academic executive search and academic career planning services are high precision but inexpensive.   

We pass the savings to you.

Multiple Options

We understand budgets vary but needs don’t and that searches for a Dean and a Provost are very different . 

So we created options to meet your constraints.      

Clear Thinking

We have exceptional methodology. At its core is unique analysis & decision-making methods. We’ve done this by combining data, intuition, neuroscience, and mathematics. 

You get the best for less.     


Our focus is as much on the Candidate as the Institution. Career planning considers candidate's goals and influencers affecting success and overall satisfaction. The candidate benefits, the institution benefits. A win win.

The result is precision, durable fits.      

Rapid Conclusions

Start to finish is simply fast, a byproduct of attention to detail. 

Precision. Speed. Value.

What more could you want?

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