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The Insider Advantage™

Set yourself up for success with the Insider Advantage™. Academic Career Services offers critical insight to aspiring higher education candidates. Cofounders Jennifer Muller, Managing Partner and Senior Consultant with Academic Career & Executive Search and Dr. Christopher D. Lee, CHRO of four institutions, author of the Search Committee book series, speaker, and faculty member partnered to bring the Insider Advantage™.  Their comprehensive team of veteran academic administrators and coaches served at every level and area within higher education from faculty members to presidents in public, private, two and four year institutions. 

The founders know what it takes to be successful in higher education searches. Their coaches have been in your shoes and achieved their higher education career goals. Together this team provides first hand, real life, real world experience combined with the nuts and bolts tactics candidates need to achieve success in their own careers.  

They recognize everyone has their own career path, personality, and motivation triggers and developed customizable programs to meet individual needs, working style and budgets.   

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Job Seeking

We start by evaluating your CV and cover letters. Then we evaluate the organization, so you know who you will be working with and if possible, the school’s personality. But we go further. We assess lifestyle issues, too. 

Lifestyle factors are often overlooked but have a big impact on overall satisfaction. We call  these soft influencers. Things such as state and local taxes, neighborhoods, political slant, population, demographics, crime rates, and the ratings of the primary school system. Also, we provide statistics like the population density, commute time estimates, and cultural and sports activities and finally we give you the cost of living, congestion rating, transit options, and type. Note, this is not a complete list. But it gives you a sense of the service you’ll receive.  

If your significant other needs employment, we’ll assess opportunities for them, too.  

Career Analysis & Planning

To analyze and assist you as you plan your career, we start with creating or analyzing your goals. All your goals; both academic and nonacademic. Do you want to be a dean, provost or president? A senior researcher or achieve tenure? What tier and type of school is ideal for you?  A research institution, private university, faith based school?  And where? What are your important lifestyle factors? Do you have partner or family needs/goals influencing your choices?  

Once you have your goals, we look at your progression to date and work with you to create a career game plan with action steps and milestones. 

Then, we will send you action step reminders, significant happenings in your discipline, and opportunities best fitting the milestones in your plan.